Third day of 21st International Conference of Chief Justices of the World

Third day of 21st International Conference of Chief Justices of the World

Lucknow, November 8 : On the third day of the '21st International Conference of the Chief Justices of the World' organized by the City Montessori School in the Convenorship of its Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, persons of stature and dignity including the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Hon’ble Dr Dinesh Sharma, Minister for Law and Justice, UP, Mr Brajesh Pathak, Prime Minister of Haiti, Mr Jean Henry Ciant and others addressed the audience online and put forth their meaningful ideas. These ideas were soon lapped up by the eager audience as they dealt with the most burning issue of the day, ‘World Governance, a post COVID imperative.’

            It was also a day of Awards and Certificates for outstanding work done in the direction of World Unity, World Peace and Justice. The well-deserved 'Nelson Mendala Nuclear-Free Future Award' was presented by the CMS Founder-Director, Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi to the Founder and Global Coordinator, PNND, Switzerland, Mr Alyn Ware. CMS President, Professor Geeta Gandhi Kingdon presented the most coveted 'Lifetime Achievement Award for Promoting World Peace' to the Chairperson of Byankko Peace Organization and GOI Peace Foundation of Japan, Mrs Masami Saionji while the 'Global Education Excellence Award' went to Head of the Department of Humanities, Financial University of Russia, Dr Natalia Orkhovoskaya. Judge of the Superior Court of Peru, Mr Justice Dr Josepha V. Ijaaga Pelgrin was honoured with the 'Lord Buddha Award' amid great applause from the online viewers.         

            It may be mentioned that City Montessori School, Lucknow, the largest school in the world, is organizing the 21st International Conference of chief Justices of the World from 6 to 9 November 2020 online, in which Presidents, Prime Ministers, Heads of State, Chief Justices and Judges from 63 countries of the world are participating with great fervour and enthusiasm.

            The third day of the historic World Judiciary Summit was inaugurated online by the Chief Guest, Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Dr Dinesh Sharma, In his address, Dr Dinesh Sharma, while strongly supporting the cause of the world’s 2.5 billion children, said that this was truly a unique and inspiring step taken by City Montessori School to bring about World Unity amidst the corona pandemic and it shows the way towards lasting peace and order in the world. Article 51 of the Indian Constitution carries with it the spirit of Vasidhaiv Kutumbkam and Jai Jagat which the school professes. It becomes our prime objective today to think gravely about the burning problems being faced by humanity especially the Corona pandemic and foster respect for international law as given in Article 51 of the Constitution of India. We must think of the welfare of the entire human race and promote the values of world unity and world peace, he said.

            Mr Justice G T Pagone, President, International Association of Judges, Australia while giving his keynote address, stressed on the need for an independent judiciary as the guaranter of rule of law. He said that judges make decisions based on objective principles and provide fundamental safeguard but the independence of judges is indespensable and all institutions must respect this. Mr Justice Dasho Lobzang Rinzin Yargay, Judge, High Court, Bhutan said that corona virus created an all-round adverse effect on health and social structure across the globe. Now, we live in a inter-connected world and global cooperation will help all to prepare in advance for such situation. Ms Masami Saionji , Chairperson of, Byakko Shinko Kai, Japan said that we must prepare ourselves for global catastrophies. Internatinoal law as well as individual freedom is needed. We must have a common vision and understanding for the future. Global governance is important for protecting individual freedom and overcoming challenges.

            CMS Founder-Director, Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi said that CMS has taken up the cause of World Unity, Peace and Justice since its very inception 61 years ago. Our strength is the strength of our pupils and they have been educated in the ideal of Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam, One World, One Humanity and Jai Jagat from the very first day the school started. We pray for development of these values in the whole world so that wars may end and expenditure on food, clothing, shelter, education and health may increase instead of incurring so much expenditure on deadly arms and ammunition.

            Evening session of the third day of the conference was inaugurated by Hon’ble
Mr Brajesh Pathak, Minister for law and Justice, UP.
Mr Pathak said in his address, that City Montessori School has brought fame to the city of Lucknow by organising this prestigious conference here and by bringing together chief justices and legal luminaries from around the world on a common platform yet again to discuss ways for safeguarding the future of world's 2.5 billion children and generations yet to be born. He expressed his belief that this conference will prove to be a major milestone in creating an atmosphere of unity, peace and brotherhood in the world.

            CMS Founder, Renowned educationist and the Convener of the Conference, Dr Jagdish Gandhi said that this historic conference based on the Article 15 of the Indian Constitution is entirely devoted to the cause of establishing World Unity and World Peace and creating a safe and secure future for the 2.5 billion children of the world and the generations yet to be born. He said that children want a safe future. For this, we need to create such a world order, where there is justice, peace and unity; where there is complete focus on education and health of children, where there are no atrocities on children, where there are no wars and where every individual has equal rights. Dr Gandhi stressed on the fact that there cannot be peace without justice and equality.

            Dr Gandhi informed that among the great personalities who expressed their thoughts at the Conference today were Mr Justice Vincent A. De Gaetano, Chief Justice Emeritus, Malta; Mr Justice Sayed Yuosuf Halim, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Afghanistan; Mr Justice Anin Yeboah, Chief Justice, Supreme Court, Ghana; Ms Justice Tungalag Dagvadroj , Judge, Supreme Court, Mongolia; Ms Justice Daphne Barak Erez, Judge, Supreme Court of Israel; Mr Justice Sylvain Ore, President, African Court of Human and People’s Rights, Tanzania; Ms Justice Rosa Maria Acon Ng, Judge, Criminal Court of Appeal, Costa Rica; Dr Josefa V Izaga Pellegrin, Judge, Superior Court of Lima, Peru and many more.

            Chief Public Relations Officer of CMS, Shri Hari Om Sharma informed that at this international conference, parallel sessions are being conducted at the conference on relevant themes connected to the aim of Global Governance and Sustainable Development at this conference. Some of the themes are Reform of Global Governance Structure, Global Citizenship Education, a New Definition of Security-from military security to health, work and social security, Tackling race, religion and gender prejudices, Environment protection and climate justice, The creation of a World Parliament Assembly for U.N. Accountability and Legitimacy, Role of the Judiciary in building a more secure and equitable world and Role of the media in creating a climate of tolerance etc.

            Mr Sharma further informed that tomorrow, 9th November, Monday, is the concluding day of this historic conference.  The morning session of the final day tomorrow, will be inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Prof Balraj Chauhan, Vice Chancellor, Dharmshastra National law College, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, at 10.00 am while Prof Alok Kumar Rai, Vice Chancellor, Lucknow University, will inaugurate the afternoon session at 3.00 pm and the final and concluding session of the conference will be virtually inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Prof Subeer K. Bhatnagar, Vice Chancellor, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia University, Lucknow, at 7.00 pm in the evening.

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