Follow lockdown strictly to fight corona -Founder-Director CMS Dr Bharti Gandhi

Follow lockdown strictly to fight corona -Founder-Director CMS Dr Bharti Gandhi

Lucknow, April 28 : Founder-Director of CMS and renowned educationist Dr Bharti Gandhi has appealed to the people to strictly follow the lockdown to fight corona pandemic and not to be unmindful and negligent. Dr Gandhi further said that since there is no cure for this pandemic so far, only prevention is the cure and social distancing and lockdown is the best prevention. But it is often heard that for one reason or another people are breaking lockdown which is very harmful and even a trifle carelessness can leave humanity pay dearly. Dr Gandhi appeals to all the citizens to value the reason behind nationwide lockdown that has brought everything to a standstill, therefore everyone must follow lockdown to fight corona and let the country start afresh on the path of progress.

            Dr Gandhi said that today no country is free from corona. All are suffering from pain and fear. Coronavirus is now compared with the holocaust of the second World War for it's destructive and fatal effects. If it's not contained now it's outcome in the coming days might be more disastrous than the 2nd World War. An epidemic knows no boundaries of countries, religions, castes or colours. Even the mightiest country like USA has also become hapless in controlling it. We still have the opportunity to control it from spreading, and therefore we must stay inside our homes and avoid going out unless it is unavoidable.

            Dr Gandhi said that besides this, it is our duty to step forward and help the humanity struck in this hard time. Dr Gandhi appeals to the affluent and well-to-do citizens to come forward and help the humanity suffering in pain. She said that CMS has always been a leader in taking upon itself the responsibility for social issues.

            She further stated that CMS is pioneer in doing its social services and it has contributed for the corona victims as well. CMS has contributed Rs 1,90,00,000 (One Crore Ninety Lakh Rupees) for the corona victims besides providing school buses as per need and contributed nearly 10,000 kilograms food items for the community kitchen of the state government to feed the poor and needy people hit by countrywide lockdown. She called upon the people of the state to come forward and cooperate with the government in combating the deadly corona virus by following the lockdown strictly and also by helping  the poor and needy in their locality in whichever way they can.

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