Centre portal DIKSHA Gujarat is first in direct plays on online learning

Centre portal DIKSHA Gujarat is first in direct plays on online learning

GANDHINAGER, WNS: Gujarat ranks first among the states in terms of the number of times online learning initiatives by the state government were accessed on DIKSHA, the central government’s online learning portal.

The state-wise analysis of data collected from DIKSHA portal — the Digital Infrastructure for School Education — an initiative of Ministry of Education, since April 1 till October 21, reveals that Gujarat is at the top among other states in the “direct plays” category.

The “direct plays” shows the number of times all initiatives of the state government covering live as well as online learning sessions was accessed. Gujarat has over 1.75 crore ‘direct plays”.

While, in other categories, like ETB-Energised Textbooks that have QR code, which is aimed at providing access to digital content for various topics in physical textbooks,and “course plays”, it ranks at fifth and fourth position, respectively.

‘Course plays” is the count of online course content accessed by students. The state records over 6.76 crore course plays while Madhya Pradesh with over 10.28 crore is at the top.

Thus, in the total plays or clicks or number of times all these digital content is accessed by the students, after Madhya Pradesh Gujarat is ranked at the second position.

“In addition to these rankings reflected in the Diksha portal’s dashboard, in Gujarat, the number of times learning activities undertaken using Dikhsha infrastructure by students is over 5.41 crore. This has been on an increase which peaked in the first week of this month,” said State Project Director of Samagra Shiksha P Bharathi.

She further said that the state rankings also reflect that government’s initiative of “home learning online course” for over 2 lakh government school teachers has paid off as barring a few districts of Dang, Kutch and Dahod, teachers have achieved an overall enrollment rate of 93 per cent district-wise.

The hour long online outreach certificate course for teachers is aimed at educating teachers on how to effectively use different modes of learning depending upon the availability for a student.

Among these, Dang has the lowest of 64 per cent enrollment rate out o nearly 1,850 teachers followed by Dahod and Kutch with over 73 per cent for the online outreach certificate course for teachers that was launched on September 25.

However, these low enrollment percentage can also be attributed to internet issues in these districts. The districts that have achieved 100 per cent enrollment include Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Anand and Navsari.

Also, from the enrolled, an equal percentage-93 per cent- have completed the course. Those failing to do so are asked to go through the programme again.

Around 30 per cent still do not have any digital facility. For such students, textbooks are available as well as home learning module is printed and distributed to them.

In a recent survey conducted among 91.58 lakh students to assess the availability of technology medium through which a child could access home learning programme has brought out that while over 48 per cent had access to television sets, 59 per cent had access to smart phone or a tablet.

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