CMS World Unity Satsang enters its 20th year

CMS World Unity Satsang enters its 20th year

Lucknow, 7 October : Over 300 employees of City Montessori School, Head Office, today joyfully observed the beginning of its 20th year of  'World Unity Satsang' online. The occasion was marked by the gracious presence and speeches of CMS Founder and renowned educationists, Dr Jagdish Gandhi and Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi; CMS President and MD, Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon; Chief Executive Officer of CMS, Mr Roshan Gandhi and Convener of World Unity Satsang and Chief Executive Secretary to Founder Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi, Mrs Vandana Gaur.

            Mrs Vandana Gaur said that despite several hurdles and Corona pandemic, CMS has been holding 'World Unity Satsang' for the past 19 years with the aim to spread unity, peace, harmony and cordiality in the society. This World Unity Satsang is special because it has the representation of all the religions. It is because of cooperation and love of all that it could complete its uninterrupted 19 years and moving  ahead smoothly on its way to unity, peace and compatibility, she said extending her hearty gratitude to all.

            Ahead of it, melodious rendition of School Prayer and All Religion Prayer invoked spiritual consciousness in all CMS workers. The followers of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christianity, Baudh and Baha'i read out the words of wisdom from these religions with pledge to spread unity, peace and cordiality across the world. CMS music teacher, Mr Arun Tripathi and his team sang several bhajans mesmerizing all.

            CMS Founder and renowned educationist, Dr (Mrs) Bharti Gandhi spoke on this occasion that if mankind will unite then the world will automatically be united. We must understand the fact that unity is the only religion in present era. God has given us diverse colours and size but we must kindle the light of love and unity in this diversity. CMS President and MD, Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon spoke on this occasion that we learn virtues at the World Unity Satsang and it signifies unity in diversity. Chief Executive Officer of CMS, Mr Roshan Gandhi said that Satsang is imbuing good and pious thoughts in us.


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