Bihar elections Oppn alliance tukde tukde gang anti national says Nadda

Bihar elections Oppn alliance tukde tukde gang  anti national says Nadda

GANDHINAGER, WNS: Shifting the focus of his election speeches in Bihar from the RJD’s “misgovernance”, BJP president J P Nadda on Tuesday alleged that the Opposition Grand Alliance in the state is “dangerous” to the country and targeted Congress leaders for their “anti-national” statements.

Terming the Opposition alliance, comprising RJD, Congress and the Left parties, including CPI(ML), as the “tukde-tukde gang (people who want to break India into pieces)” and “urban Naxals” Nadda, in election rallies at Buxar and Arrah, cautioned the electorate that their votes should not cause “disturbances” in the state.

“The Opposition alliance is an unholy combination, it is an unnatural alliance. The three do not have any love for the society; they break the society and disturb peace. You should understand this,” Nadda said in Arrah.

Recalling the killing of “Ram bhakts” by activists of CPI(ML), Nadda said: “This is that tukde-tukde gang, This is the gang that spread destruction in the society. The interesting fact is that Tejashwi Yadav (RJD leader and Opposition’s CM candidate) does not even have an idea of what’s happening. Nineteen seats have been taken by CPI(ML)…. Where is RJD? You know the record of CPI(ML)…wherever there are moves against the nation, it stands with them – right from Shaheen Bagh. You know who are urban Naxals? You want people who create disturbance in Bihar?”

On RJD, he asked people not to forget the “lawlessness” when the party governed the state.In Arrah as well as in Buxar, Nadda called the Congress party “anti-national”. He said Congress leaders have been praising Pakistan since it had nothing worth talking about its past records.

“So what do they do? When election is on in Bihar, (they) talk about Pakistan. What has Bihar election got to do with Pakistan? But Congress leaders are praising Pakistan. And who is leading them in this praise? Rahul Gandhi,” Nadda said.

The Congress leader had on Friday targeted the Centre over the IMF’s projection that Indian economy is set to contract by a massive 10.3 per cent this year, sarcastically calling it another “solid achievement” of the government. “…Even Pakistan and Afghanistan handled Covid better than India,” he tweeted.

Nadda alleged while the entire world, including the WHO director-general and the United Nations secretary-general, had lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for managing the Covid-19 crisis well in a country of 130 crore people, accused Rahul Gandhi was “humiliating” the country. “It is strange that Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders are speaking the language of Pakistan and separatists,” he maintained.

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