Bigg Boss 14 Salman Khan Going All Out with Theatrics to Salvage Dull Season?

Bigg Boss 14 Salman Khan Going All Out with Theatrics to Salvage Dull Season?

GANDHINAGER, WNS: Not much of what has been happening on Bigg Boss in its ongoing season 14 has seemed exciting so far and it seems, as a final desperate push in the run-up to the final weeks, the makers have decided to get superstar host Salman Khan into the ring.

Over the past days, Salman has been newsmaker on the show more than the housemates. From crying to going ballistic, to making beds to engaging in theatrics as never before, Salman's footages are getting increasingly theatrical on the show.

From entering the house to making bed to crying during an eviction, superstar Salman seems to be more emotionally invested in the ongoing edition of Bigg Boss, and that has turned out to be a highlight of an otherwise dull season.

This weekend, Salman entered the house and cleaned the bedside of Rakhi Sawant after Nikki Tamboli refused her duties of household chores. "No work is small. Ye same cheez picture ya serial me karne ke liye milti to aap log full performance karte isko (you would have given the full performance if you were asked to do this very job as part of a film or TV serial)," Salman said to the contestants as he left the bedroom.

Soon after, while announcing the eviction of Jasmin Bhasin, Salman shed tears while calming Jasmin's boyfriend Aly Goni down.

This is the first time when Salman was seen getting emotional during an eviction in the history of Bigg Boss.

Last year too, Salman had entered the house several times, once to clean the house and once to sort out things between Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan after revealing that the latter is married and has a kid.

The idea should work well with hardcore fans. After being associated with Bigg Boss for so many years, if Salman gives out the vibe that he is emotionally affected by whatever goes on in the show, it could be an easy way to keeps the viewers hooked even as the season seems to lose its steam midway.

After all, this edition of Bigg Boss has been more about the antics -- from the seniors concept to getting previous contestants inside the house as challengers. Only time will tell if Salman's emotional show is able to lift Bigg Boss fortunes in its season 14 in an overall disappointing season.

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