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WORLD NEWS SERVICES is India's premier Govt. Accredited News Agency having deep presence, reach and representation at all the places of happenings through our journalists and stringers to cover almost every district and small town in India, providing news and features to above 200 Newspapers & Magazines in India & abroad. Collectively, they put out more than 2,000 Stories, Articles, Features and Photographs a day to feed the expansive appetite of the diverse subscribers, who include the mainstream media, the specialised presses, research groups, companies, and government and non-governmental organisations. Besides, being a Media Production House having produced numerous programs such as 'TEHKIKAT, 'NATION VIEWS', 'GUJARAT NO AWAZ', the Infotainment Series of Episodes, which became talk-of-the-town everywhere highlighting all the fields concerning development of the nation and its' citizens and were aired on Government Media as well as on Private Satellite Television Channels viz. Tara Punjabi, Jain TV, Zee Gujarati, and Gurjari Channels.

WNS was registered and started functioning in the year 2000. After 15 years of its service, WNS can well and truly take pride in the legacy of its work and in its contribution towards the Indian society at large and the building of a free and fair Press in India.

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CMS Gomti Nagar Campus I organizes Divine Education Conference
Cambridge Section Opens at CMS Rajajipuram Campus Grand Inauguration held today
US University offers US$ 1,06,000 scholarship to CMS student

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